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Compressor Rider Rings

| High Quality Compressor Rider Rings

KBDME compressor piston rings & rider rings crafted from exotic materials like Carbon and high-grade PTFE, are exceptional due to their unique combination of properties. Carbon ensures strength and resilience, while exotic grades of PTFE contribute to enhanced lubricity and resistance to harsh conditions. This strategic blend results in piston rings that offer superior performance, longevity, and reliability. KBDME's commitment to innovation and the use of high-quality materials positions our compressor piston rings as a top choice for those seeking excellence in compressor components.


| Rider Ring Functions

Compressor rider rings, also known as rider bands or piston rider rings, are critical components in reciprocating compressors. These rings are positioned on the piston itself and come into contact with the cylinder wall as the piston moves up and down. Their primary functions are to:

Provide stability

Rider rings help maintain the piston's alignment within the cylinder, preventing it from tilting or wobbling during operation.

Improve sealing

Just like compressor piston rings, rider rings create a seal between the piston and the cylinder wall. This seal ensures that high-pressure gas is properly compressed without leaking.

Reduce friction

Rider rings reduce friction between the piston and cylinder wall, which helps minimize wear and tear, ultimately extending the compressor's lifespan.

Rider rings are typically made from materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of compression, such as high temperatures and pressures. Regular inspection and maintenance of these rings are essential to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of reciprocating compressors.

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