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From beginning to end KB Delta offers product reproduction and custom compressor valve parts product design.

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KB Delta provides a complete product line of peripheral compressor valve parts to aid in a compressor valve repair or overhaul job.

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KB Delta outshines its competitors by delivering high quality parts into your hands faster than any other suppliers.

| Testimonials

“KBDME has been our trusted partner in the Middle East, addressing our needs with precision and dedication. Now, with their strategic location in Jebel Free Zone, their presence promises a positive impact that will undoubtedly elevate the standards in the region. Exciting times ahead!”

Waseem | Director

“In the Middle East, it’s about time someone understood our needs, and KBDME has exceeded expectations. Their impeccable and timely delivery of hundreds of compressor valves has been nothing short of incredible. Finally, a reliable partner catering to our region’s demands.”

Ahmed | General Manager